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We are the Consulting Agency “Secret Vision”. A group of enthusiasts from different professional areas with rich experience in decision-making that leads to high profits. Our way started with working in other companies, as well as on our own businesses. We shared positive practices with each other and now we are going to share it with you.

Foundation of
our work

achieve the result that reflects in the profit

The investor will receive a detailed report on the research of the provided project or a completely new project.

The entrepreneur will receive an analysis of the commercial potential of the business and its competent positioning in the market.

Anyone who wants to increase profitability of her business and fix her mistakes, will receive detailed instructions.

the confidence that transforms new customers into permanent

Following our first collaboration, you will get an advantageous offer for our further co-operation. After all, the confidence that transforms new customers into permanent ones is our second principle.

take care of the comfort of our clients

We strive to satisfy not only the quality of our services but also the quality of communication because of the fact that customer’s comfort is our third principle.

The main advantage of the “Secret Vision” team is the ability to say with the confidence that we’ve been in your shoes. It’s an ability to see the situation from the client’s standpoint that allows us to achieve mutual understanding and, hence, a common result.

how we work

About our team and

For each project in Secret Vision, a team of professionals is selected that follows all of the requirements of the client and industry. Its main goal is a measurable result in the shortest terms.



There are no boundaries for the geography of our projects.

We are ready to cooperate with businesses anywhere in the world and provide the same quality service with regular and detailed reporting.



Within the framework of financial consulting:
Business Planning:
  • In-depth marketing research of the project and industry, using the latest developments in the field of analytics;
  • A business plan developed in accordance with world standards (TACIS, EBRD, UNIDO);
  • Ready business template, optimized for your goals, with the possibility of refinement;
  • Formation of a feasibility study and financial model of the project;
  • Professional support until all requirements and goals are met, regardless company’s size and scale (from a start-up to large companies).
Investment Consulting:
  • Development of investment proposals for both public and private sectors
  • Searching for investors
  • Development of an investment summary for initiating a dialogue with an investor
  • Creation and implementation of an investment strategy
  • Assessment of company’s business value
  • Divided analysis of profitability and risks
  • Detailed audit of a project for investors
Within the framework of management consulting
  • Profound study and optimization of business’s internal structure
  • Training for company’s management staff
  • Analysis of new areas for growing business
  • Development and implementation of strategic decisions, aimed at increasing profit or investment attractiveness
  • Communication of selected strategies to owners or shareholders
Within the framework of anti-crisis consulting
  • Localization of factors that hinder growth and implementation of measures for their elimination
  • Optimization of expenses and mechanisms of profit
  • Development of operational and long-term plans for development / restoration using innovative solutions
  • Improving managerial literacy and establishing effective staffing

of our clients


You are opening a business and you do not have a clear action plan.

It is difficult for you to sort things out by importance.

our solution
  1. Calculate financial prospects and risks
  2. Define your development strategy
  3. We will introduce effective management mechanisms
  4. We are well established and will help to master the analytics and reporting

First three months are FREE


You have an active business but profits haven’t reached the desired level.

You may not able to localize the reasons correctly.

our solution
  1. We analyze all internal and external processes of the enterprise
  2. We prepare a detailed report indicating the reasons for low profitability
  3. We develop and implement a strategy of changes

You have found an investor for the project, but you don’t know how to prepare materials for your presentation.

our solution
  1. We conduct a deep study of your project
  2. We formulate the right positioning for the investor
  3. We create a presentation
  4. We take part in it if necessary

You are an investor and you doubt the profitability of the project you’ve chosen

our solution
  1. We will provide assistance in studying the project at any level of engagement – from consulting and participating in meetings with project management to fully autonomous work with detailed reporting.

If the project has not met the expectations, we will try to find a worthy replacement of it FOR FREE.


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